Mackinac Island Meditations
Mackinac Island Meditations
Mary Lou Peters

Mackinac Island Meditations

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Mackinac Island Meditations
by Mary Lou Peters

Rejoice in the beauty of Mackinac Island as seen through the eyes and paintbrush of artist Mary Lou Peters. Find comfort in her thoughtful reflections and peace in the scriptures she shares.

Illustrated with thirty watercolor paintings of Mackinac Island scenes.

32 pages

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Also available at the Island Bookstore in Mackinaw City and on Mackinac Island

Reader comments:

I so enjoy your paintings and the meditations you paired together. It is like spending time with a friend.
Orrville, Ohio

I so love your book! God has greatly blessed you with so much talent. Thank you for all the beauty you bring into the world..and my world…with you paintbrush, pen, and kind heart.

I just finished reading Mackinac Island Meditations and what an inspiring read! Mary Lou, great job! What beautiful thoughts, prayers, and art! I loved it and would highly recommend it!
Wendy B.



It gently draws its readers to the reality of God and His impact on lives.
Mount Pleasant, Michigan

I think your book is like a ray of sunshine in and of itself during the grey days of winter.
D. Postema

Thank you for letting us see our own surroundings in a different way through your eyes and the talent of your artistic hands.
Ruth, artist
Mackinaw City, Michigan

What a beautiful book! I just love it! The verses and your words and prayers are so perfect. It is truly a treasure.
Groton, Connecticut

Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us who appreciate your work and the love of that magical island.

I can’t get over how beautifully you have captured Mackinac Island in your lovely book. I keep it on my coffee table for occasional reflection and so it can be shared with others.
Cheboygan, MI